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Presso lo studio



Music and Lyrics composed by Julia Liros  

  • "Me siento sola" released on May 29, 2019, the music video has made more than 1 Million views. Spanish. Latin pop

  • "Me gustan dos"  released on August 2, 2019. Spanish. Latin Pop.

  • "Como me gusta" released on March 6, 2020 with the music video. Spanish, Portuguese and English. Electro Pop. Latin

  • "Let me show you what I got" was released on April 7, 2020. English. Pop. Latin

  • "Fino al Mattino" released on May 3, 2020. Italian and Spanish. Italian. Latin

  • "Tu lo llamas amor" released on May 29, 2020. Spanish. Latin.

  •  Me pongo a perrear" released on May 29, 2021. Perreo, Urban, Reggaeton. 

  •  “Mil Cosas"  released on May 29, 2021. Latin, Urban, Reggaeton.

  •  “Dance with your body”. released on July 3, 2021. Dance, Groove.


  • "Too much stress from my heart" movie that was available in NETFLIX on 2018

  • "Desesperados"  Sitcom released on 2019. Spanish, title of the song "Dale" realized on 2016

  • "Anna" movie directed by Marco Amenta presented at Biennale di Venezia Released in 2023. Italian  

  • "Millennials"  Serie coming out on 2024. Italian

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